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Looking for my fanworks? You can find:

- my podfic at [community profile] cantapodpatrol
- my fic at [archiveofourown.org profile] cantarina
- fanwork recs (on nothing that resembles a schedule) on this journal - check my tags under fandom: [fandom title] or recs: [fanwork type]

I'm also:

[twitter.com profile] vworpvworp
[tumblr.com profile] coppergilt

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Dear Podficcer!

I really hope you have fun with this assignment :D I know whatever you make is going to be awesome.

Here are some pan-fandom things I'm really into:

-crossovers for everyone!
-women-centric works
-queergen and other works about explicitly queer or trans characters/communities
-found family dynamics
-under-represented characters and character dynamics
-for longfic, UST or a good, long, slow build (I love it when get-togethers feel earned, like they had to grow as people to make it work, not because they've been through drama just for drama's sake)
-soulbonds <3_<3
-porn is great, and if you want make something kinky, I really really love D/s power dynamics (protocol isn't necessary, but is also fine!) I've really been feeling negotiated humiliation and related aftercare lately and I'm always into physical painplay.
-experimental podfic! SFX, music, epistolary, radio play, whatever you want to experiment with, I'm into it

My requested fandoms are:

Babylon 5
I've never seen S5 or the movies, but spoil away. Maybe that'll finally get me to watch! I have a special place in my heart (read: a fanatic devotion) to Franklin/Garibaldi, but I'm open to just about anything you want to record. If you have a favourite fic, go for it!

I love the OT3 best, and sexbuddies Eliot/Sophie. This fandom is also a super fave for crossovers <3_<3

I hate what Tolkien did to Susan and I love the subgenre of fanworks that have her get her own, even if it's complicated and hard.

Some Girls
I LOVE THIS RIDICULOUS FANDOM. I'd be thrilled with just about anything, so long as it's dialed up to 11.

Stargate: Atlantis, SG-1, Universe
I have a lot of feelings about this universe! I especially love fics that crossover between the different shows, but would also be super happy to receive podfic that sticks to one slice of canon. Character studies, action-adventure, and shipping are all warm blankets I keep coming back to. Just about anything goes characters and ships-wise, including the later-era SG-1 teams. Preferably, no Jack/Daniel or Daniel-POV.

Star Trek AOS
Ladiessssss, especially Uhura and Jayla. I also love McCoy/Kirk.

Star Trek TNG
I mostly just want works about Lwaxanna or Katherine Pulaski. Lwaxanna is so underappreciated and Kate Pulaski is one my forevergirl fannish loves.

Star Trek Enterprise
This is where my fannish heart beats right now, but I know that that's an extremely unpopular opinion. With that in mind: Plotty and/or gen fic is great, and I would also swoon if you made Hoshi +/ T'Pol or anything with bisexual!Trip. I ship Hayes/Reed REALLY HARD (all the better if it's not always an easy relationship) and like T'Pol/Trip too.

Here is a list of things that inevitably squick me right out:

-themes of memory as identity or amnesia fic
-graphic descriptions of chronic pain (feel free to get as gory as you want with that one-time broken leg)
-unegotiated power imbalance in a ship - if one character has power over the other (example, huge age gaps, teacher/student ships, boss/employee), I need them to address that elephant at some point
-character bashing
-incest ships (stepcest A-OK)
-unhappy endings (bittersweet, complicated ones are totally okay)
-I’m ambivalent about h/c at best

Also, if you've read all of this and thought "Damn, there was this one long femslash fic I was hoping for the excuse to podfic", please consider this your excuse.

Thank you in advance for making me a gift. I’m so, so excited to hear it!

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Dear podficcer,

I'm so excited! I can't WAIT to hear what you're going to make :D

I'd be super into receiving podfic about any qualifying characters in any of these fandoms:

Anne of Green Gables
Avatar: The Legend of Korra
Coffee Prince
The Flash (TV)
Emily of New Moon
Faking It
Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries
Star Wars (all, although I'm most keen on Force Awakens era being involved)
Young Wizards

Some tropes and themes I super love are crossovers, queer gen and disability fic (but not disability in h/c :/), femslash and other queer-coded relationships, rarepairs/rare friendships, character studies, UST and slow burn, poly pairings, adults who use their words (good communication!), porny or even gen fic with really good exploration of implicit or explicit power dynamics. That said, basically anything that avoids my squicks and is about awesome characters is going to do it for me!

Here are the things that make it hard for me to listen to a gift.

-themes of memory as identity, and most memory loss/amnesia tropes
-graphic descriptions of pain
-power imbalance, like teacher/student, doctor/patient, or other places where it's sort of inherently unbalanced (if it's addressed in-fic and dealt with as something other than a kink (although it can also be the properly negotiated kink!) then it's good to go!)
-incest pairings
-unhappy endings (bittersweet, complicated ones are totally okay)
-at best, I’m ambivalent about h/c

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Posting this letter at a permanent link for [twitter.com profile] girlonfire11112. The letter is addressed to the mods and left unchanged (with one pre-negotiated edit) but gifters and treaters should assume this is addressed to them too.

* * * * *


Here I go. I’m interested in creating many different podfics.

I have no OTPs. I like gen fic. I like boyslash and het. I like canon relationships and non-canon relationships. I like using podfic to discover fandoms that I don't know. I’d like to create podfics for DCU, Castle, Avengers/Marvel, Criminal Minds, Firefly, Harry Potter, Jane Austin, Jupiter Ascending, Kateyo Hitman Reborn!, Kingdom Hearts, Kingsman , Life With Derek, Lord of the Rings, The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, Naruto, The Hobbit, X-Men, Teen Wolf. Really, pick a fandom, any fandom. I would be more than thrilled to discover a new fandom through creating an awesome new podfic.

I really like pretty much all the pairings and gen!fic. I have no anti-pairings except femmaslash. I’m just not comfortable with reading that out loud for some strange reason even though I have shipped a few lesbian couples before, anyways...

For the Treats phase: I’d really love love LOVE to be apart of a project where one story has multiple podfic creators working on the same project. So, let me know if you'd like to collaborate on a treat for someone!

Personal Triggers, Squicks, and No-nos (a.k.a. Red Light, please no)

• femmaslash

• slave!fic or bestiality

• rape though I’m okay with dub-con

• sex between people under 14 years old

Overall, I'm actually really easy-going about what I am willing to podfic.

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Feelings, so many Vampire Diaries feelings that no one on Twitter reciprocates so I am posting here because feeeeeeeeelings. Spoilers for up to 6x03.

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I am reading "The Ocean at the End of the Lane" by Neil Gaiman and it is a lot of good (it keeps provoking really intense emotions!) but it has got the same problem as every other Neil Gaiman book I've ever read.

Gaiman's written a great, interesting male protagonist and he's written some really interesting female archetypes.


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Spoiler's for this week's Agents of SHIELD (1x18). lkajsdl;fjka

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Meta positing MCU's Natasha Romanoff as a child of post-USSR Russia.

Vague spoilers for Cap 2, but nothing that fandom hasn't already made fanon or seen in other Marvel canons.

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After a really terrible doctor's appointment (the only good part was that because it went so poorly, I never have to deal with that disdainful receptionist again), I drowned my sorrows and tireds in Captain American 2. Assume everything below is spoilery. Also included are some spoilers for Thor 2.

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Now I remember why I used to pour every detail of my life into my blogging.

It's hard being social isolated and the internet is one of very few outreach points. The only difference between now and ten years ago is that my instinct is to dump it all into Twitter, rather than LiveJournal.

For those of you NOT keeping score on Twitter: My food intolerances, a long-standing problem, have cascaded since January. My health is worse than it's been in almost a decade and if you've only known me for the last four years or less (most of you, I reckon) y'all ain't seen nothing yet from me, re: blogging about my health.

Please send love and good wishes while I try to hold my life together through some pretty awful fatigue.

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